1st Garden Club Meeting Project – Milk Crate Planters for Spring Greens

The Bears Care Garden Club began regular weekly meetings this morning and will continue to meet every Wednesday morning at 8am in the garden space before school starts.


This morning, Garden Coordinator, Theresa L., came prepared with some milk crates for the students to upcycle into garden planters for spring greens. Theresa and the students lined the planters with straw and some newspaper and then filled the crates with compost. The crates were stacked, creating 2 small pyramids on either side of the center aisle, between the outdoor classroom benches.


Students planted lettuce, swiss chard and other greens in the planters – they finished up just in time, right before the school bell rang!

Join us next week, Wednesday morning at 8am, to see what’s growing and help care for the Bears Care Garden!