Bears Care Garden smencils and pins FOR SALE at lunch today. Raise the fence this Sunday.


Today, we will be talking to the students about the Bears Care Garden during lunches & selling pins and mint smencils. This sale will take place in the cafeteria (just like the pretzel sales).

I wanted to invite anyone handy to come assist in finishing to put up the fence this Sunday at 10:00am. Plan to meet in the garden space the only tool I think that will be needed at this time would be:

  • a few large shovels and or hoes (to mix in OCEANGRO┬« * into soil)
  • hammer and wire cutter (for fencing)
  • rake to clean up space and move leaves into the compost area

My husband and I will bring the post hole digger, cement, fence staples, wire cutters. Please let me know if you think I am missing anything else as far as tools.

Children are always welcome to these events if unable to find childcare. I do not feel this should take more then 1-4 hours.

We will also provide bottles of water ­čÖé

Thank you as always for your time!

Theresa L.

* OCEANGRO® is non-burning, slow release and is rich in iron and calcium. OCEANGRO® is available in 45-lb. bags in many retail locations. OCEANGRO® Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer, produced by The Ocean County Utilities Authority, is registered with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. Visit the website to learn more.