Preparing for Garden Construction, Block Has Been Delivered!

cinderblocks to build garden beds

REMINDER! Garden Construction is scheduled for this Sunday November 22th from 12-4pm.

You may have noticed the 2 large stacks of block behind the ferry lanes at school drop off this morning. These more than 400 concrete blocks will line our garden beds and are the incredibly generous donation from one amazing Beachwood Elementary School family! We can’t thank you enough and don’t have the words to express our gratitude for this tremendous gift to all the Beachwood Bears!

We welcome you to join us for construction of the garden on Sunday. Please remember to bring work gloves, and some refreshments if you can. Reach out and contact us if you have wheel barrows or hand trucks that might be useful on that day. We’ll let you know if they are needed.

Thank you everyone! We are looking forward to getting started building the Bears Care Garden!

Donations come as chain link fence and seeds

thankyouWe just received a donation of re-purposed galvanized steel chain link fencing for our garden enclosure ūüôā¬† So now we have seeds and fence donated!!!!

Also I sent an email out today to so if you didn’t receive it and would like to receive emails please email the committee at!

Thank you all for spending the word!!!  Everyone is very appreciated!!!