CONSTRUCTION DATE Sunday 11/22/15 & Meeting reminder


Please note our !!NEW DATE!! for construction of the student vegetable garden at Beachwood Elementary School.

Sunday November 22th from 12-4pm

Any parents especially those with experience are welcome to come out and help our committee. We would also appreciate if some parents would please bring some refreshments for those volunteering their time. Coffee will also be available.

The goal is to put up the re-purposed fence, till the garden beds, and lay the cement blocks around the garden beds. If time, daylight, and materials permit we also hope to put the compost into the garden beds.

Please note: we really have no resources for the garden yet so please bring your own shovels, and wheel-barrels and any other tools you feel may be needed if possible.

Also our vegetable garden committee meeting is this Wednesday in the media center at either 3:15 or 6:30.  No need to attend both meetings and as always no pressure if you can not attend check the website for updates!!!