It’s time to plant garlic in your garden if you live in New Jersey

garlic_plantsDo you have a home veggie garden? Did you know that fall is the perfect time to plant garlic? If you separate a head of garlic into cloves and plant each one, you’ll harvest a whole new head of garlic for each clove next summer.

Planting garlic is an easy activity to enjoy with the kids because the cloves are big enough that small hands can handle them confidently. Each clove should be planted pointed side up, about 3 inches deep in fertile soil, about 5 inches apart. I suggest you find a short, approximately 5″ long stick and mark it with a line 3 inches from the end. Kids can use the stick to make the holes and to measure the distance between them.

Cover the cloves with soil and mulch lightly. Water well and then leave them alone. Plants will emerge in fall, stay small during winter and grow again in spring for a summer harvest.