Join Us! Bears Care Garden Committee Meets This Tuesday 2-9 at 6:30 pm

garden_meeting1Below is the agenda for this Tuesday’s Garden Committee Meeting on 2/9 at 6:30 in media center. Hope to see you there 🙂

Also, here are the times and dates of the remainder of our meetings for this school year:

March 8th 3 pm
April 12th 6:30 pm
May 10th 3 pm
June 14th 3 pm & 6:30 pm

As always thank you all for your time!!

~Theresa Lindemann

February 9, 2015 – Agenda 3 pm

Beachwood Elementary “BEARS CARE” Vegetable Garden Committee

Media Center at Beachwood Elementary

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Old Business

  1. Benches/shed/ main gate – we have an agreement for lumber donation for these projects working on amount needed
    • Benches have about 60 left over block enough to make 10 benches?
  2. Garden pins & mint Smencils –
    • discuss putting logo stickers on pencils
    • need to pick dates to sell
  3. Update on donations: we have commitment from home depo & lowes (agreed to donate gift cards)
  4. Security – school making progress to obtain:
    • also discussed mounting sensor solar light on shed
  5. Subcommittees:
    • local businesses to sell our bricks. F/U
  6. DEADLINE FOR BRICK ORDER Feb 26 to guarantee in garden for spring… If needed we will continue this fundraiser next year to fill walkways
    • Reach out to local clubs boyscouts girl scouts etc… (THEY HAVE THEIR SYMBOLS 5$ more)
  7. Discuss time of appreciation day so
    • invitations
  8. Sprinkler options??? Opinions on what is best way to water? Soaker hose? Sprinklers?

New Business

  1. SEEDS
    • Which classes get what
    • Begin discussing how seeds will be planted in classroom
    • Experiments between classrooms that do same seeds…

Open to public

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