March 8th 2016 – Beachwood Elementary Vegetable Garden Committee Meeting Agenda

Elementary Vegetable GardenMeeting Time: 3pm
Location: Media Center at Beachwood Elementary

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Old Business

  1. Lunch time selling mint Smencils & bears care garden pins
    1. set for Fri March 11 & Fri April 8th (lunch 11-12:45)
    2. show students information board what to come
  2. Work date for fence and benches (hopefully)
    1. a. Date is planned for Sunday March 13th time?
  3. Spring fundraiser: print out symbols have students purchase them decorate them and bring them home.. Then hang them in the hallway like a race… Classroom that wins (purchases the most) wins a prize. Perhaps mint smencils. Month of April or May perhaps??

New Business

  1. Sprinklers: hopefully we have news to share
  2. Seed selection:
    1. Parent volunteers are available to help plant seeds inside the classroom.
    2. Plan to start next set of seeds 1st week of April (right after Spring Break)
    3. Follow up on Eggplant seeds
  3. Events to plan:
    1. look in to making rain barrel
    2. (I can reach out to see who ran a class for Beachwood) perhaps we can do this ‘class’ as a fundraiser and also make some for the bears care garden…
    3. summer event; green festival; Zumba
  4. Ideas what to do with extra seeds: we will have a lot!!!!
    1. Is there a club we can link up with to make seed paper for fundraiser/ mother’s day etc…. Ideas??

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