Minutes from December 9th Vegetable Garden Committee Meeting

vegetable-gardenDecember 9, 2015 – MINUTES

Beachwood Elementary Vegetable Garden Committee

Media Center at Beachwood Elementary

Attendance: Andrea D, Stephanie O, Jenn L, Sue M, Greg M, Mrs. Josberger, & Theresa L

Old Business

  1. Benches/shed/ main gate –?
    1. We may have a new group of dads willing to construct a shed using repurposed fencing (if we need them)
    2. Still need help on benches and entrance gate
  2. Thank you cards
    1. In process
  3. Family fit night
    1. Healthy refreshments-talking to ShopRite for some donations; I will make butternut squash soup to give out free samples
    2. Garden pins- we will have subcommittee to make
    3. Smencils- in process of ordering mint scent smencils
    4. T-shirt order form –working on order forms… we will sell t-shirts for $16 checks payable to PTO.  We need to get an order together of 2 doz orders ASAP (done)
  4. List of things we need: repurposed wood fencing (for art); acrylic paint; shed; rakes; shovels; hand tools; mailboxes; garden gloves(plan for each student to bring a set of garden gloves); pods; trays; solar caps for posts; wheel barrels
  5. Security have temporary camera for now…
  6. Subcommittees:
    1. small fundraisers like putting buttons together etc. and
    2. local businesses to sell our bricks.
  7. Brick fundraiser
    1. We agreed to absorb the cost of a brick for donation – we are going to raffle it off at family fit night
    2. Brick on us?  To family that donated $700 cement block – agreed to purchase this family’s brick.

Open to public

  1. Next meeting we will work on finding a date and specifics of our appreciation day… In June… This will be during school hours so students can show appreciation

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