Our Wishlist


UPDATE 3/16/16 – The Bears Care Garden is looking for 4 ft galvanized steel re-purposed chain link fencing – by this weekend (3/19 – 3/20) if possible… about 100 ft more is still needed to finish our fence. If you have some let us know. Please contact us. If you are able, please deliver to the garden space or we can coordinate for a pick up. Thank you!

The Bears Care Garden is powered by the enthusiasm, love and hard work of students, parents, volunteers and local businesses around Beachwood, NJ. The garden and students could use your support to continue to help this project GROW. Please take a look at our wish list of items and supplies that would help support this important, educational effort.

If you can contribute something to our project, please contact us today to coordinate your donation. Thank you!

  • A shed
  • Rakes, hoes and shovels
  • Pitch forks
  • Hand held garden tools (at least 5)
  • Wheel barrows (2)
  • Children’s gardening gloves
  • Mailboxes (6)
  • Solar lighting caps for fence posts (24)
  • Repurposed wood fencing panels (for student art murals to decorate the garden space)