See you at the next meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12 & Garden T-Shirt Order

garden_t-shirtThe first T-shirt order was placed today for t-shirts featuring the Bears Care Garden logo. Please try to have your checks into PTO mailbox in the main office of Beachwood Elementary School by this Friday, January 8th, if possible.

Please write on envelope or check memo. Bears Care Garden or Garden T-shirt. Include adult/child and size of the shirts ordered.

The next Garden Committee meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, January 12, 2016 This is an important meeting, so it would be helpful for as many people as possible to attend. For your convenience, the meeting will be held twice at 3pm and at 6:30pm at the school in either the media center or the garden cafe (the actual room is subject to change). Please attend one of these 2 time slots if possible.

The timing will be close but we may even have the shirts for our 1/12 meeting. If not, we should have them by the end of next week. So exciting.

We would like to use photos of our students and families wearing the garden t-shirts to promote the garden online and in print. Please consider allowing us to take pictures of you or your child in the shirts to post on our website and t-shirt order form.