Today’s Bears Care Garden Meeting Reminder and Agenda

garden_meetingToday, Tuesday, January 12th, a meeting is being held for the Bears Care Vegetable Garden committee at 3 pm and 6:30 pm in the media center at Beachwood Elementary School. Please see the following agenda… Hope to see you there…

Please especially try to make it to one of these meetings if you grown your plants from seeds and starts indoors…

Anyone is welcome to join us for the Green Team meeting at 4 pm in the media center, also.

Children are always welcome; but this material is more for the adults at this time.

~Theresa Lindemann (garden coordinator)

January 12, 2015 – Agenda 3 pm & 6:30 meeting

Beachwood Elementary “BEARS CARE” Vegetable Garden Committee

Media Center at Beachwood Elementary

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Old Business

  • 1. Benches/shed/ main gate – ?
  • 2. Thank you cards
  • 3. Family fit night
    • a. Healthy refreshments F/U
    • b. Garden pins
    • c. Smencils
    • d. T-shirt order form & raffle off 3 shirts
    • e. Also raffle brick
    • f. NEED SIGN UP helpers for our table: also need volunteers to decorate our table
  • 4. List of things we need: posted on our website and letter (printed) for donations
  • 5. Security – school making progress to obtain
  • 6. Subcommittees:
    • a. small fundraisers like putting buttons together etc. and F/U
    • b. local businesses to sell our bricks. F/U
  • 7. DEADLINE FOR BRICK ORDER Feb 26 to guarantee in garden for spring… If needed we will continue this fundraiser next year to fill walkways.

New Business

  • 1. Plan appreciation day!!!
    • a. Date
    • b. Refreshments
    • a. Which classes get what
    • b. Begin discussing how seeds will be planted in classroom
  • 3. Dates to sell smencils ($1) and button (%0.50 or $1.00) during lunches and sign up
  • 4. Sprinkler options??? Opinions on what is best way to water? Soaker hose? Sprinklers?

Open to public

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