Volunteers Needed to Water Bears Care Garden This Summer

Attention Beachwood Families! Would you like to help out the garden club and volunteer to water Bears Care Garden this summer? You can make a difference by signing up for 1 shift or many shifts! Watering the garden is EASY!

volunteers needed

6 Steps to Watering Bears Care Garden

Step 1Sign up! Visit this site and check the calendar. Let us know which day you can spare an hour or so to come water the garden.

Step 2 – Show up! The garden needs to be watered once a day when it doesn’t rain. Please come on the day you sign up for.

Step 3 – Locate the beige garden hose and orange handled wrench inside the garden fence (see picture), connect the hose to the spigot on the outside wall of the school on the corner closest to the garden. Just outside door #8. Use the orange wrench to turn the water on above where the hose connects.

watering the garden
where to connect the hose
Step 4 – Spray every garden bed slowly with the “shower” setting on the hose sprayer. Make sure each garden is good and soaked. We want that water to get way down into ALL those roots! Plants that produce food need lots of water.

Step 5 – Don’t forget to water the plants outside the brick beds – The fig tree, the kiwi and the raspberries in the corner. Those milk crate planters need water too!

Step 6 – When you are done, turn off the water, disconnect the hose and please coil it neatly by the garden entrance. Leave the wrench there too.

Great job! You are done!