This weekend’s fence progress, first spring planting and bench construction


Thank you bears care garden committee! Sunday, April 10th was a productive day in garden!

The children began by weeding the beds and together, we planted the first crops in the garden space. We placed a thin layer of newspaper just below the soil surface to keep the weeds down while the seeds sprout. Poking small planting holes through the paper, the children planted peas along the edge of the garden bed. Once the plants are tall enough, the pea vines will cling to the chain link fence around the garden edge.

JOIN US! Garden Club Meetings Start This Wednesday, April 13th at 8am, Before School Starts, in the Garden


The cinderblocks have little planting spaces inside them. We used these spaces along the edges of the garden beds to start planting marigolds to help control pests. Marigolds repel some insects that would cause damage to crops and is also used to deter bunnies from chomping on young plants. These small planting spaces were also used to start herbs around the edges of the gardens, including: scallions, oregano, parsley, cilantro and chives.


Parent volunteers began constructing benches for the outdoor classroom.

Additional fencing was generously donated by Carl’s Fencing in Toms River, NJ and our garden committee made terrific progress putting it up. All that’s left to finish the fence is to install the gate!


Also, take a look at the new banner created to promote the Bears Care Garden at local events! Please visit our gallery to view more pictures from this garden work day.